Our Setting

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Here are some photos of the facilities at Hanborough Pre-School:

This is our Pre School. When you come in, you come through the blue doors. Your adult will come through the yellow gate to pick you up.

This is our book corner. We have lots of exciting books, puppets and stories that we can listen to on the CD player. Maybe we have your favourite book here?

This is our maths area. We like looking at numbers here and we compare different things.

This is where we hang up our bags and coats on your name card.

This is where you put your drinks bottles and lunchboxes if you are staying for lunch. The board also has important information for your adults.

This is our construction area. We like to build different things here like vehicles, buildings, houses for animals and so much more!

This is where the adults set up different activities for us to do. We also eat our snack here.

This is our toilet. We wash our hands in here too at the start of the day and before snack or lunch.

This is where we have our circle time and register time. We find our name picture cards and we sit on the circle.

This is our creative area. Here you can choose what you need for your creation.

This is our physical area. We like to build different obstacle courses here or build our own vehicles to pretend to travel in.

This is our water table. We have aprons so we do not get wet. We enjoy pouring and filling the water.

This is our sand pit area. We can use buckets and spades here. Sometimes we like to dig for treasure!

This is our mud kitchen and gardening area. We like to make mud pies and cups of teas for our friends.

This is our small world area. We enjoy role playing different things here like being fire fighters or going under sea.

This is our outside area. We have a role play area which changes to what you want it to be. It can be a pirate ship or farm shop! We also have new bikes and scooters which we enjoy riding.

This is our chill out shed. We enjoy listening to stories in here and talking about how we are feeling.

This is our allotment. We go here every week and we plant seeds and look after them. I wonder what we can grow?