Session Times

Morning Sessions– Monday to Friday – 8.45am to 11.45am

Lunch Sessions– Monday to Friday – 11.45am to 12.15pm

Afternoon Sessions– Monday to Friday – 12.15pm to 3.15pm

Between 8:45am-9:00am, parents and carers will be welcomed to come into our setting to drop their child(ren) off.  This will be an opportunity for you to see what they are getting up to and also help them to prepare for the day (If you are unable to stay until 9am, we have staff available too) 

When the children come in they need to do the following in order:

  1. Take their coats off and hang on pegs
  2. Wash their hands
  3. Unpack their bags and put drinks on their names/pictures
  4. If staying for lunch, put lunch box on side ready for the fridge.
  5. Hang their bags up

Parents are then welcome to stay until 9am with their children.

At 9am the tambourine will be shook for parents to leave.

Children will have free play until 10am when we join together for circle time.

We then have snack time together which is followed by free flow play.

We say goodbye to the morning children at 11:45am and welcome children for lunch.

11:45-12:15pm we all have lunch together.

After lunch our afternoon session session starts which is free flow play followed by another snack time at 2pm.

We then stop at 3pm for a story and our goodbye song.

*Please note that animals such as dogs are not permitted within the setting during drop off/pick up.

What to bring to pre-school?

  • Clothing– There is no uniform policy at Hanborough Pre school for the children. However, there are logo t-shirts and jumpers available to buy from the pre-school. We provide protective clothing when children are engaged in messy activities but we children love to get messy through exciting play so older/non special clothes are advised that the children can also gain independence with dressing and undressing themselves should they need to. 
  • Footwear– Children need to wear shoes that are suitable for play indoors such as trainers or shoes. The children also need a pair of wellies for outside play and visiting the Forest School area. We encourage parents not to send their child into pre-school in crocs or sandals due to limiting their play.
  • Change of clothes– Children will need a spare change of clothes daily in their bags. We have a limited amount at pre school. Extra sets of clothes for toilet training are advised.
  • Nappies, wipes, nappy bags (if required)
  • Sunhat and sun cream depending on the season.

Snack / Lunch

Hanborough Pre School promotes a healthy lifestyle for all the children at the setting.

The snack café runs twice a day (one during each session). 

The fee is £6 per term per child, where the children will be offered a range of fruit or vegetables for their snack. Carbohydrates and other healthy snacks are also offered to the children throughout the week.

Children bring in their own water bottles filled with water that they have free access to throughout the sessions. Water and milk is provided during each snack session

Children who stay for lunch require a healthy packed lunch. We ask no chocolate or crisps within their lunchbox. Children will use their drinks bottles during this lunch session.

We are a NUT FREE setting. This also includes chocolate spread in sandwiches.

Please let us know on the registration forms and by speaking to a member of staff if your child has any food intolerances or allergies.

Settling In

We want your child to feel happy and secure with us, we know that each child takes a different length of time to feel settled and we will adapt our approach to your child. In our experience it is useful for the child to come for a couple of short visits with their parent/carer before attending whole sessions with their parent/carer. Settling in sessions are free of charge to parents.

Staff will also visit children at home before starting the setting. This will be a pre arranged visit where your child will read a story with a staff member-who is usually going to be the child’s key person. This will be an opportunity to go through the required forms and ask any questions.

Transition to School

Our pre-school have strong links with Hanborough Manor School and other schools within the community. We often visit Hanborough Manor for their seasonal productions and enjoy visiting the grounds. Once school places have been decided around March/April time, communication will begin with key workers and your child’s new class teacher. Settling in sessions will be arranged on the build up to your child’s transition to their new school.